Sorry for the delay in posting, friends! I’ve been busy preparing a quilt for the North Carolina Native Plant Society Art Show. I’ll post pictures soon.

Now let’s get caught up on my marathon of natural dye experiments.

I have tried dyeing with avocado pits & skins many times. The results of this attempt were similar to most…a huge disappointment.

After saving both pits and skins for months in the freezer, I decided this time to try each in a separate dye pot. I wanted to know if one or the other was “tainting” my dye bath or if bother were even worth saving.

Pots of skins to the left, pot of pits to the right.

I have tried both cutting the pits and leaving them whole. I have used pre-scoured, mordanted 100% cotton. And yet, despite the beautiful pink pictures I often see online…THIS is what I came out with..

Bland dirty dishwater on the left, Bland dirty dishwater on the right.

Here is the recipe I followed to a “T”. Try it and let me know if it works for you!

Hooked and Dyed- Avocado

Not all experiments can be successes! If anyone knows the top secret trick to getting great dye from avocado…please let me know. On to more experimenting!